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Find your perfect setup!

We know celebrations are as unique as each person so we have multiple options to fit your needs and create a party that suits your space, theme, and personality

  • What is included at the campsite?
    We offer 2 Different Glamping Options. Our Luxury Glamping Option includes either a 1 tent campsite (we have one of these) or a 2 tent campsite (we have two of these). In each 16 foot Bell tent there will be: 2 full beds on bed frames, bedding, pillows, nightstands, shelf unit, extra seating, books and games, rugs and décor. We provide flashlights, lanterns, extra sunscreen, bug spray, extra lights, fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit. The Luxury Glamping sites have a picnic table we dress with a tablecloth and cover with a canopy for extra shade. Paper plates, plastic silverware, cups, napkins, and paper towels are also at each site. You will find a small set of basic cookware and cooking utensils for your use during the stay. Each site has a firepit that can be used for cooking or enjoyment (wood not included). We provide camping chairs for your site and do ask those stay at the campground so please bring some extras if you wish to take them to the lake. There is a water spigot with drinkable water near each site. Bathrooms and showers are walking distance away. Our Basic Glamping Option (we have one of these) includes a 16 foot Bell tent that has 2 full beds in that are on actual bed frames. Nothing else is included. You bring the rest. *Exact amenities may vary based on campsite and specific needs of the guests.
  • What are the bathrooms like?
    Bathrooms and showers are a short walk from the campsite and the shower does require quarters to run. Bathrooms are a flush toilet with toilet paper and a sink to wash your hands or brush your teeth. Bathrooms are serviced and maintained by CA State Parks.
  • What should we bring?
    You will need the basics like hygiene products, towels, clothes, sleeping pillow, and food and drinks. You should also bring any cooking equipment or utensils that you must have as the set provided is small and may not have everything you need. You also need wood for the firepit. Depending on the time of year and weather you may want an extra blanket.
  • What is the pet policy?
    We know your furry friends are part of the family too. Dogs are welcome to join but we do ask they stay off furniture in the tents. Please be aware of Folsom Lake State Park rules regarding dogs which includes keeping dogs leashed and restricted access at Granite Bay Beach and parts of Beals Point Beach. If there is excessive hair, dirt, or mess after your stay due to your pet you may be asked to pay an additional cleaning fee of up to $50 (damaged items that cannot be repaired will be charged at full cost).
  • Is there electricity?
    Nope, this is still camping so everything we include is battery or solar powered. We suggest bringing your own phone chargers or mini power banks.
  • What stores or restaurants are nearby?
    There is a snack bar/concession area on Beals Point Beach. There is also a Raleys Grocery Store, Walgreens, and gas stations about 5 minutes driving from the campground. In addition, you can find many restaurants and fast food locations within 10 minutes of the campground if you prefer to eat out. Our favorite is Dominick's Restaurant and Deli.
  • What are fun things to do?
    There are lots of trails (walking and bike) found near the campsites. The lake is only a couple minutes walking distance and offers swimming, floating, and beach play. Many people enjoy renting kayaks, standup paddle boards, boats, or go horseback riding. Rentals typically require advanced reservations and availability may be impacted by season. You can find nearby rental companies by following this link. You can fish in the lake with a fishing permit although the lake access closest to the campsite can get busy so it's hard to catch anything. There are some better fishing spots about 10 minutes driving from the campsite if interested. Nighttime can be great for stargazing and campfire stories, don't forget the smores!

Call/Text: 916-672-0730 

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