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Let us help make your wedding event unforgettable! From the mountains to the city, we have done it all. Whether you need a place to get ready for the big day or a place to relax after a full day of celebrating, we have you covered.  

  • Wedding Couple Tents

  • Honeymoon Tents

  • Wedding Village Tents 

  • Guest Accommodations

  • Kids Play Tents

Wedding Couple Tents

With so many decisions to make, let us make this one easy for you!  

We provide a 16ft Bell Tent complete with all you need to get ready in comfort and style.  Option 1 Included in the setup are 2 vanity tables, a cart for your mimosa bar, comfy seating for you and your attendees, rugs, lighting, mirror and a clothing rack.  

Option 2 includes a tabletop foosball table, among other items.  Add-on options include an air conditioner or mini fridge (must have access to electricity).

Image by Tatsuya Yagi

Guest Accommodations

An onsite wedding bell tent village is the ultimate hassle-free solution for your overnight wedding guests.  The wedding celebrations can continue all night when everyone can remain on site.

Choose from a two day or multiple day reservation to suit your guests' needs.


  • Memory foam full mattress comforter, sheets, & pillows

  • Floor rugs

  • Lanterns

  • Solar Path Lighting

  • Mosquito Netting

  • Canvas Outer Door

*Additional memory foam mattresses and bed frames available for upgrade.

Image by David Goldman
Image by Lucija Ros

Honeymoon Tent

Looking for a unique way to spend your wedding night?  Our Honeymoon Tent may be the perfect solution for your first night of matrimony!

We set up our 16ft bell canvas tent furnished with rugs, a real size bed and frame, cozy bedding, extra seating, lighting, and decor.  If your location provides electricity, additional add-on options include an air conditioner and/or a min fridge.

Kids Play Tent

Perfect for your youngest guests!


  • Pillows

  • Coloring Books

  • Games

  • Other

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